Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cure for Boredom

There is no good excuse for boredom when there are sites like these in the world: Make a real book. Affordable and published. least to your family.

Ficlets: A ficlet is a short story that enables you to collaborate with the world. Once you’ve written and shared your ficlet, any other user can pick up the narrative thread by adding a prequel or sequel. In this manner, you may know where the story begins, but you’ll never guess where (or even if!) it ends.

Obviously YouTube. Try these: I Channel, grape stomping accident, dramatic reading of a break-up letter, make us a sandwich... I'll find some better ones soon. (Any suggestions?)

TedTalks: Ideas worth spreading.

Instructables: DIY Everything from screen printing, tree house building to creepy things like how to shape your ears into Elf Ears. Turn old junk into amazing new household decorations and accessories (like a concrete lightbuld wall hook).

Etsy: Homemade gifts and goodies Inspiration for the uninspired chef


Jake and Nicole said...

I love etsy! It has such cute cheap stuff. I got the baby's going home outfit and blankey there.

Jake and Nicole said...

Hopefully you have found a cure your for your boredom by now, hopefully...

tmoli42 said...,, and are my timekillers. Not to mention and for the psychological twist. And and for ridiculously awesome pictures. And about 100 other sites :)