Friday, March 27, 2009

Book Hype

Since I'm writing a teen fiction novel I've been interested in the new ways publishers are promoting books. I love the midnight book buying parties, but obviously those only work for a book series that's already a hit.

I love that one of my favorite authors has a blog that ties in with the character and focus of her book series. I really enjoyed it and look! I'm passing it on so it must have worked.

Also, here's a movie trailer for a book called Who Is Jenna Fox? A movie trailer for a book! Clever!


Rodriguez Family said...

Have you read the sequel to Gospel according to Larry yet? I saw it at work today and thought of you :)

RoseInBloom said...

I definitely have! There are three of them actually. I just finished the third... AWESOME.

Rodriguez Family said...

I had no idea there was a third one! I just might check those out