Friday, March 27, 2009


Do you ever feel weighed down by all your possessions? Sometimes I wish I could pack my life into a couple of boxes so I could move easily if I wanted or needed to (I bet Mark wishes I could too as he has helped me move way too often!). I don't want to have so much stuff I don't need. It's exhausting trying to maintain and increase ones' possessions - not to mention locate anything when there are piles of clothes covering every surface! ...such is the current state of my bedroom.

I'm sure none of this is new to you but I'm afraid of how easy it is to become immune to the scary facts. The popularity of the green movement is great but it somehow takes the edge off every person's personal responsibility. Or at least that's how I've felt lately... relieved at what others are doing but not as concerned with my own lifestyle choices.

The Story of Stuff explains things well.

I have a challenge for you (someone please respond!). It's not easy but it's simple. I've tried it before but I'm going for it again.

No shopping for a month. This is a good time to start.

Reasons to go for it:
1. Figuring out what to wear would be soo much faster if you had fewer choices and familiar outfits.
2. It's nice to have a signature style which is easier when you have fewer items.
3. It's the beginning of the month which makes it easier to track progress.
4. We are past boot season (boots = the bane of bank account).
5. Save your money for something more worthwhile and memorable like a are cheap right now!
6. Forces you to be more creative with what you already own. Use that fabric that's been lying around. Cut up that dress and make a shirt.

Wish me luck! :)


Mark said...

I'm pretty sure that I haven't bought any clothes for at least a three months now, probably longer...hmm. must be a girl thing. I don't think its helped my creativity much either :) Good luck though!

Susie Q said...

I know what you're going me! I am currently trying to stuff a years accumulation of stuff into 2 bags to go's a nightmare. I absolutely love making an outfit pop with accessories, belts, hats, scarves etc. way cheaper than a new outfit anyways :o) I just realised that I have met you once before briefly at New Years Bash in Aus...we were all wearing op shop gowns!