Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Conspiracies: The Product X-Files

Have you ever noticed that there is always leftover frosting after you make a batch of cupcakes? It just occurred to me that this is no accident! The cake mix and frosting companies are working together to deviously force an endless cycle of buying. You need more mix to finish up that can of frosting but wait! Now there isn't enough frosting so you need to buy more! I'm on to you Duncan Hines!!! Betty Crocker, I'm not falling for your sweet sprinkles anymore!

Other conspiracies include the infamous ten hot dogs and eight buns.
If you think this dog is cool instead of creepy check out more "bun" costumes for dogs here.

Also, a lot of liquid laundry detergents have measuring caps that are much larger than the amount of liquid you need per load. They hope you will fill them up and use up your bottle of detergent much faster than you should.

Can you think of any other shady marketing and/or product placement tactics?

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Rodriguez Family said...

He he. that dog looks like my mom and dads dog, Willie. Oh, did I tell you sge died? So sad...