Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DIY To Try list

I hope I get this story right... My mom had this roommate in college who was a total hippie. My mom was too but my mom was in the peaceful protest kind of way. Her roommate was a hippie in the a free love and stoner van kind of way. Anyway, she gave my mom a poster of people of all different colors and races holding hands around a big picture of the Earth. All around the border was a pretty, ferny looking plant and on the poster it said, "God grows his own". I don't think she knew my mom very well...haha!

I think I might paint a few cans and grow some grass myself: here's how.

I can't believe I didn't think of this myself! Food coloring and snow! Fun will abound. Of course I have to wait a year and drive a few hours, but I'm a patient girl.

Nifty gifty idea. Homemade snow globes: glitter, plastic toys, baby food jars...

Cotton balls plus spray paint = Instant mini (fake) cotton candy. Actually, this is just mean. It's too realistic. Must come up with other ways to use colored cotton balls...

Pretty pins but kind of boring. I think I'll make some circles and then stitch faces on them.

Scrap fabric wreath. Somehow I don't think it would be as easy as it looks. Not that it looks that easy.I've been thinking a lot about baking cookies since convention is just around the corner.
These look good but I think I'll stay loyal to chocolate chip.


Jake and Nicole said...

food coloring plus icicles are suppose to be REALLY fun too

Mark said...

mmm, how about molasses sugar cookies?? I would have to say they beat chocolate chip cookies any day! :)