Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dinos and dreams

Titled: Roaming
Titled: The World We Live In

Titled: New Sweater (This is my favorite. So serious looking but really very funny!)Titled: It Felt Good to be Lost

I really love these thought-provoking prints by artist Dan McCarthy on his site The World Wide Web Organization of Dan McCarthy. They are so crisp, a little dark and mysterious and really emphasize the vast span of time and place. People are always small and dinos abound. As always click on the pictures to make them bigger so you can really appreciate them. And as always feel free to respond by leaving a comment saying something like, "Nice." or "Not nice." Or you could just leave without commenting forcing me to sigh heavily.


Cara said...

"It felt good to be lost" radiates nostalgia, but it feels soo much better to be found.

Mark said...


ayr said...

Mark stole my "nice!" so I'll just say nice... the sweater one is my favorite too. :)