Friday, January 22, 2010

Eek! My first teaching post!

Thought for the day: When we say "no" to one thing we are always saying "yes" to another. Hmmm...pause and consider. The trick is to know what we are saying yes to. In my case it is usually a nap.

I have a new teaching blog (The English Teacher's Companion) I just love love love it! It gives me the warm fuzzies when I feel connected to other high school English (yes, I will start putting myself in that category now...haven't you read The Secret!?) with funny, inspiring advice and stories. One of my teaching books recommends finding a mentor. There was a great story about how a new teacher made friends with an old teacher who helped her so many times throughout her first year. By the end of the year the young teacher had realized that the old one was her best friend. Well. I don't really picture myself cruising the mall Friday night with a Mrs. Gertrude Puddlemeeker, but I do hope to make some quick friends with experiences that could spare me some misery.

English teacher humor: The Blog of Unnecessary Quotes. You should see this. The commentary cracks me up.

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