Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mraz Lust

I have lots of boring teaching related insights that I may get around to blogging about soon. My orientation week has been really invigorating and I can't wait to get assigned a master teacher and school. Should be any day now...

I'm trying another shopping fast which is my version of dieting. This means that, like diets, I attempt to abstain which usually leads to binging. After trying this a couple times I have learned a few tricks that help increase my chances of success.

1. No going "window" shopping.
2. Avoid ebay.
3. Avoid Lucky magazine (I haven't looked at one in about a year!)
4. Instead of buying something, blog about it so I get over it.

In keeping with the last of the shopping ban commandments, I give you the Valentine's gift I want to give to myself Very Badly.

I love this shirt. It has it all. Trademark hat... Silhouetted muscles...A lovely message...He's purple... If it's a little obnoxious, so be it.

Since my shopping fast will last the month of February and the shirt is intended to be a Valentine's gift shirt I will abstain. But it helps to post about it.

For any other interested fans, he's got several other t-shirts on sale for $10. (Susie? Sam?)

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Catherine said...

Can't wait for that boring teaching ideas blog. (Oh, and it's a good thing that shopping fast will go thru Feb. That shirt!!!