Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I get around

Adventures of the past weekend included:
feeding the not-so-wildlife
bouldering through smuggler territory (according to the highway patrol officers who accosted us due to the suspicion caused by the pinkness of my vehicle and the strange circumstance of girls climbing mountains in skirts)
eating delicious Chinese food in Mexicali after which we became crazy silly as a result of an MSG overdose
playing one too many games of 20 Questions: Harry Potter edition (Sam did "pumpkin juice")
realizing that Sam and I still fit comfortably into a twin bed as long as I fall asleep before she starts snoring
listening to Johnny Cash pause waaaay too long while singing "Just As I Am"
discovering that Andrew does bare a startling resemblance to Garfunkel (of Simon and) when he lets his hair grow or wears a striped shirt.

Conclusion: There is no such thing as too much frozen yogurt. And Yogurt Land is the best.
Also, my friends are the best.