Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On my mind this week

My hero and long-time crush. This talk reminded me of the cheese fries I consumed day after day in high school. Something has to change.

This week I plan to make homemade bread! I've found a few simple recipes I'm considering, but if anyone can recommend additions (fruit, nuts, chocolate, herbs etc.) I'm very interested.

Savage Chicken, cartoons on sticky notes, are enjoyable if you find chickens funny as I do.

A blog on frugality (which makes my miserly heart swell) discusses one of my favorite topics: The Cult of the New. "Simply put, the “cult of the new” is the willingness to pay a premium price for whatever the newest releases are."


Sam Lidman said...

I walked in on my mom watching this one! I was so excited because it was Jamie Oliver!!! Free range chickens....

Rachel said...

i LOVE him. and his house!