Saturday, April 17, 2010

"You are the sugar in my cup of tea"

Last night was magical.

Smoxie, David Lee, Chad, Danika, and I flirted our way into a Josh Ritter show in a tiny record store and it was a beautiful evening. The line looped around two corners of the block and the store was not much bigger than my bedroom. Everyone else was on "the list" having signed up beforehand. Also, everyone else had come before the show started. We arrived at 7 and we were not "on the list." I'm not going to share what we did to get in, but get in we did!

Josh's warm, slow smile and bouncy curls had even Chad melting a little inside. After the show we were some of the first in line to get our records signed. (That's right. Records. Which would be cooler if we had record players...)

Meeting Josh:
Sarah- (said maniacally) Would you like a mint? No, would you like all the mints? Take them. They're bad. (forces them on a confused Josh) (Later wishes she had kept some mints. They weren't really bad.)
Josh- What are you reading lately? How do you spell your names? (a most charming and thoughtful question)
Me- Where's your wife? What's your favorite book? No, I would not like some of your beer. Thanks for offering. (insane grin. wets pants a bit)
Chad and David- We need to take a picture of you now or these girls will hurt us after we leave.
Josh- Sure thing! You guys are lucky to hang out with these pretty girls! How do you guys know each other?
Danika- We go to church together.
Josh- Where?
Danika- We meet in homes.
Josh- something noncommittal and unoffensive but also not interested enough to give him directions to gospel meeting. (also, we don't have them at the moment, but maybe they do in Ireland where he is headed...)

That was my sign. He didn't laugh despite that gold ring on his finger. Instead, he signed it, "Oh...if only. Love, Josh"

Conclusion: we are all smitten.

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