Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great story

I have long been obsessed with elevators. I fantasize about being stuck in them fairly often and seriously check out who I'm riding with every time (just in case). Sometimes I make chit-chat and sometimes it's a waiting game. Uncomfortable silences in which too many people are feeling their comfort zones violated and everyone is foolishly staring at the numbers as they blink on and off...not pleasant.

I wish the following would happen to me:

"The craziest thing happened to me today: while leaving work, I edged into a crowed elevator and heard a man offer that, as we all just had moments together, we should have a little party. He then started singing "Puff the Magic Dragon" and insisted that we all sing along. It was only then that I turned to see that he was Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary! So of course we all sang along. Around fifteen of us got to end our day singing "Puff" in a crowded elevator with Peter Yarrow!" - Hither and Thither

I think next time I'm on an elevator I'll take a poll.


Smoxie said...

I learned about elevators in Anthropology 1. Unlike most other transactions with strangers where we know what we're supposed to do and say (that'll be $4.50. do you take cash? yes... there you go. thanks. bye.), there's no elevator script. no expected norm. So people default to awkward.

I remember telling people about that for months afterwards. I was so enthralled.

Jayna said...

I assume you've read this post from Jeff?

Someone at my office got stuck in the elevator when I was at lunch. When I heard about it when I got back, I got excited and asked if she had fun. I was met with a confused look and the word "no."