Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summa job: Update 1

I still have a job! And here's what it's like:

It is chaotic and seriously disorganized. The people in charge constantly change their minds and make split-second decisions about where the kids should be and what they should be doing. This undermines my really small amount of authority and completely flies in the face of teaching rule numbero uno: always have a lesson plan.

Regardless, I am loving it. I played soccer all day Friday. I played soccer and kickball yesterday and I was looking forward to playing dodge ball today, but instead I was transferred to teaching art. This is where the lack of preparation really became obvious. Teaching 8th grade boys about Impressionism is probably always a challenging experience, but armed with only fuzzy black and white photocopies of paintings, plain yellow (why?) paper, and colored pencils, it was invigorating in a way I wouldn't chose. For some reason, we were also given pictures of cars. It isn't clear what they have to do with Impressionism or the early 1990s (era of the week). Now, I have three classes at extremely varying levels of picture completion and we are supposed to paint tomorrow. On yellow computer paper. So many disasters in the making.

I can't wait!


Catherine said...

Teaching rule #2 *oe maybe 4) should be Always have a/several back-up plan(s), though that's a little hard when you switch from dodge ball to impressionism. When I was a sub I followed some such advice & always carried a folder with a few standard activities/jokes & riddles/readings, etc. in case we couldn't find or follow a teacher's plans. Didn't need them often, but they provided security...

Catherine said...

BTW, did you mean 1890s for impressionism?