Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Student Journals

My students crack me up. Here are a couple things they wrote in their journals. The topic was "What are your passions and goals?"

- "I want to remove the word sadness from the dictionary."
- "I want to get a tattoo on my side saying "true to blood" in French calligraphy, however I have a fear of needles."
- "My long term goal is to inspire others. My short term goal is get the boy."
- "My passion is kittens. I love to stay up till 5 am reading with kittens all around me."
- My first goal is to get straight As. My second goal is to get higher than 2000 on the SATs. My third goal is to learn how to relax." oh the irony. She also said the next one...
- "One of my favorite passions is trying to achieve perfection. I do not think it is impossible to be perfect. All I have to do is try and challenge myself. "Yes we can," said President Obama."

I love them.

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Catherine said...

They give you a lot to live up to, if they (some of them!) expect this much of themselves. But then, it seems you expect a lot of yourself, or at least your breakfast, too. (yes, I'm combining comments on 2 of your posts.) Thanks for sharing both-- hilarious! (I read them aloud to your Dad...)