Sunday, December 5, 2010


I forgot to tell anyone about the best part of my Thanksgiving vacation. It was feeding the ducks, geese, mystery birds, and seagulls (lost?) at the park in Eugene, Oregon. JJ's Dave loves ducks; he has one named Quackers (he also has two beautiful chickens) who is so fat she can't float. What kind of duck can't float?! Anyway, Dave loves ducks. We've known this since the beginning when Jeanelle was checking out his FB profile and it featured him kissing Quackers on the bill. Well, I've never seen anyone so excited to be surrounded by fowl of all sorts. He was like a giddy Muggle who somehow wanders into Honeydukes and discovers he has a pocketful of galleons.

Despite the sign that requested that we don't, we fed an overwhelming mass of birds an entire loaf of fluffy white Wonder bread (worst nightmare Dustin?). We threw bread in the air and some of the birds would hover and then swoop and catch it. Dave and I battled with our birds by throwing bread at each others' heads in an attempt to get the birds to attack. Dave fell hard for the ugliest little black duck that appeared to be molting, just because it kept stepping on his toes to be able to reach higher as he nipped at Dave's pants to request more crumbs.

It made me remember something I have to look forward to - spring ducklings!

It also made me remember when KK and I took a shower with her ducks. They pooped a lot as they splashed in the water. It was a hilarious, hot mess.

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Catherine said...

I love your simile! (like the Muggle who discovered a pocketful of Galleons while in Honeydukes). Don't forget we haqve a duck pond in EC. We'll even let you use good, whole wheat bread if you'll just come visit... (pretty pathetic when that's the best bribe Ican come up with!)