Saturday, January 29, 2011


Danika, Monica and I went hiking in Topanga State Park today. Twas an awesome trip all around due to the discovery of a sweet hippie village and the beautiful weather. To begin our day of hiking we shopped in Hidden Treasures for an hour. The pirate-themed vintage store was full of tutus, fur coats, and tons and tons of cashmere sweaters.

Speaking of which, I've decided I'm the kind of girl who should wear cashmere underwear. Starting asap. It feels nice and life is short so why wait?

The park was beautiful this time of year. We saw four deer hanging out.

The highlight of the day was when we reached Eagle Rock, the massive rock formation at the end of the trail. Several caves in the rock were big enough to sleep in. Someone had spray-painted the rocks on the inside of the caves gold. We were trying to decide whether or not we liked it when we distinctly heard growling. Monica and I climbed over the ridge to see the creature disturbing the peace. It was two grown men clambering around on all fours. They glanced up, barred their teeth and pawed at the air. "Umm..." I said. They stayed in character. We went to consult with Danika. It had to be seen to be believed so we peered over the edge again. Same thing.

We spent most the hike back coming up with possible scenarios that would lead to that sort of end result. Method acting? Therapy? Monica said it best. "That's not the kind of wildlife we get back home. Very L.A."

It was an L.A. day and for once it didn't disappoint. :)

*Topanga reminds me of Boy Meets World.

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