Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bad Teacher

So, teaching is great. Except for the students. Students are the only bad part of teaching. They are terrible. They need to stop. Teaching with no students would be a perfect job. Good colleagues. A room of one's own (in which I created my very own art installation with crepe paper). Fun, peppy meetings. My very own maintenance and tech people. Even, dare I say it, swag!? (See below. Let me know if you want to nerd out and receive a free Jane Eyre pencil or poster from me, your powerful teacher friend with connections to such goodies!)

Funny bits:
1. It took me two whole weeks to stop referring to the staff as faculty.

2. All the guys at the school do a weird hat thing I've never seen before. They plop their red/blue/gang paraphernalia hat on the top of their head. As in, barely topping their hair. It floats above their head making them look absolutely retarded. Every guy in the school walks around like this. Is this a NorCal thing or what?

As far as style goes, pants are dangerously low here in Brentwood. The gentlemen do not seem to be concerned that their junk could be on display at any moment.

3. I made a pot of tortilla soup and have eaten it for dinner for two weeks straight. I'm only half finished and I'm not sick of it yet!

4. I've started bribing students with dance parties and Pixie Sticks. Results uncertain.


Catherine said...

Love your pics! Glad to have a powerful teacher friend even though I don't need a Jane Eyre poster or pencils. Just sorry about the bad part. (If you want the students to stop, you might need to specify-- stop what? Being???) Anyway, enjoy your lovely classroom after they all leave-- & I'm sure they leave promptly enough after the bell...

Smoxie said...

I can second the goodness of the tortilla soup. Great longevity, too.

You should submit that crepe paper installment to DesignSponge and suggest a funky classroom design post. You have something there.

katenicoleciaoandhello said...

Keep keepin' on! :) My older sister had to stop a scissor fight amongst gang members last spring in her freshman math class. As long as the kids aren't using class utensils as weapons... I think you'll be safe, haha! And btw, I love your classroom decorations! So beautiful! Love, Katie Stahl