Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pretty much the coolest teacher in Brentwood

The Ke$ha Look Alike contest event was a success. Please note the toothbrush, bottle of "Jack", and unicorn accessories I am rocking.

More photos to come. Maybe.

Also, the coolest thing happened today. We are selling ads for our school paper and a student (not in my class) bought one to post her business card. The card says her name and below it, just her title - Wizard. How fabulous is that?

And I'm not sure I've mentioned it before but we have a Quidditch club on campus so obviously things aren't so bad.

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Catherine said...

Miss Coolness, all right! Love the peacock costume, with matching skirt & fantastic intelligent but creative & (unpredictable? knowing more than you're telling?) expression. The hairstyle is great too, even minus feathers. It's very attractive,but also gives a hint of maturity or authority that might help when you're supposed to be keeping people in line so can't afford to look TOO young & innocent... We'd sure love a copy if you could email us one!

How are you ever going to top these for Halloween?