Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Something funny happened to me yesterday. I was going for a lazy bike meander around my 'hood and I was talking on the phone as I do. I like to take someone with me when I go roller blading, bike riding, or take part in any kind of singleton activity in the great outdoors. Yes, I should be more independent. Yes, I should be happy being alone with my thoughts. However, some of you should keep those thoughts to yourself seeing as these are the only times I call you.

So there I was cruising by some kids in the street. I remember clearly that one small girl did an impressive slow-motion back handspring. Just as I passed them they began to do something very strange and a little bit straight out of a horror movie. Slowly they began to sing "Why Can't we be Friends?" One started and then soon they were all in chorus as they turned to face me. They continue singing as I swerved dangerously. For a moment I thought they might follow me. Improv flash mob? Creepy or sweet? I can't decide.

Below is one of my favorite TED Talks. I love the mirror in ground piece and the simplicity of the barbed wire with the snarky bite.

By the by, the "Why Can't we be Friends?" link is to Zooey D. and her fictional class singing the song in a movie I haven't seen. The class vibe is unreal. If I played the piano would I too be a successful teacher? OH THE REGRETS!

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