Monday, August 13, 2012


Back to school. Back to the blog. I took a break when I nearly published a bitter post-text-message-dumping post. I'm happy that I won that battle but I'm also happy to be back. So yesterday I was in Mexicali going for a 5 a.m. bike ride with Ismael, Miguel and a group of spandex-covered Mexicans. We rumbled our teeth-rattling way along the canal bank on bikes intended for smooth sidewalks. A group of teenagers were skinny dipping in it holding their beers aloft as they clung to each other. The sunrise over the ostrich farm was unexpectedly beautiful even if the air smelled like cows and trash. Anyway, everything on my body was bouncing every which way and I suddenly realized why people wear sports bras. A little late in life for this epiphany I admit. By the way, this is how you know you've made it: Someone makes a coloring book featuring you.

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Ismael Aguilar said...

Oh come on!! is was a lot of fun!!