Thursday, October 20, 2016

Locked Room Space Murder

The body had fallen out of the freezer when I opened it to get a fish for dinner. I had caught it the way you do instinctively when you drop a knife. I screamed as soon as I touched it and shoved it back into a leaning block of frozen Maria. She was glacial blue with wild eyes, locked for eternity in abject fear. My scream brought the crew running; they gathered around me silently, a semi-circle of faces mirroring Maria's. When the shock had subsided I began to look around and wondered if anyone else was thinking the same thing; which of us had done this? What was this ship doing to us?

"Well." growled Sam. "That's just creepy. Let's go to the den so we can discuss this development without having to stare at the human ice cube."

It was a crass suggestion, but we all breathed a sigh of relief that the captain was taking control.

"Now who will fix the engine when it breaks," whined Tim softly to me as we speed walked out of the icy garage in one clump. I didn't want to be near the low-life, but anyone's body nearby was a comfort.