Thursday, June 12, 2008


Make, paint and sell my own furniture: I'll be posting some designs soon

Join a book club: In the process

Make my own pasta. From scratch.

Be kind to strangers: Being an administrative assistant has taught me a thing or too about the benefits of being polite to people serving you.

Start my own mini petting zoo and dog renting service: Being a renter myself has shown me there is a major market that has needs that aren't being met. People who can't keep pets still need regularly scheduled furry face time.

Go skiing and scuba diving at least once a year

Live in a different country

Paint a mural

Swim with whales

See the following brilliant and inspiring musicals:

- How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying (again)

- Rent (I am somewhat ashamed to say I know every word by heart)

- Mamma Mia (maybe not inspiring, but who hasn't seen this one?)

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