Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If I met JK Rowling

Ideally, JK and I
would be reaching for the same well-worn novel in a musty old library or used book shop. We would look at each other and slow grins would spread over our faces. Soul mates.

We would then begin to discuss why we love the book (I'm thinking it would be A Prayer for Owen Meany) and how we read it every year (at Christmas time if Meany is the book). We would wander the aisles together pulling books off the shelves and suggesting them to each other. Eventually, we would buy or check out each other's favorites.

*Somewhat Related Side Note
A good pick up line for the library: "Good thing I've got my library card cause I'm checkin' you out!" :)

With so much to talk about we would decide to get a cuppa tea and a cupcake. We would take them to go (tricky with teacups but this is a fantasy) and would stroll to the park (I'm thinking Central Park). We would spread a blanket out and chat while watching cute preppy boys throw a frisbee around.

I would lay my head on her lap and she would tell me a story - a special story about magic - one that no one else has heard. She would reveal her secrets: what inspires her, how she develops such intricate plots, what she is reading and all about how Harry's life turned out.

After visiting the petting zoo (definitely Central Park) she would invite me over to her apartment where her book club would be having a costume party.

"But I have nothing to wear," I would say.

"Let's go to a great little vintage store I know; it's just down the street," she would reply.

After taking lots of silly pictures in old-fashioned dresses and hats we would choose our costumes; the sultry Midsummer Night's Dream fairies Fern and Featherberry (or something).

At the party I would converse with a vampire (Stephanie Meyer), a wicked wizard (Steven King), a duchess (Jane Austen - it's a fantasy!), a tattooed sailor (John Irving), and Bennie Harper (Earlene Fowler). After devouring spicy tacos, drinking sparkling cider and rootbeer and eating some more cupcakes we would all sit down to play a rousing game of Balderdash.

Just before the sun starts to come up the party would ascend to the roof of the building. The little white twinkling lights would mirror the stars and we would all feel very mellow - naturally! We would put on some music (any suggestions as to good early morning end-of-the-party tunes?) and slow dance until we all drop onto the colorful squashy couches. More deep conversation and jokes until we would all fall silent in awe of the glorious sunrise.

As we trail out of the house we all exchange numbers and aim names and make dates to visit each other in Aspen for a ski weekend or Italy for some Italian food.

JK and I share a long hug and she slips a present into my bag. (Stay tuned to learn what it is!)

We part ways knowing it won't be the last time we have a "magical" day together. Muahahaha!

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