Monday, March 23, 2009

Me + You = Us

It turns out this whole time I've been living with the misunderstanding that I hate math. I don't hate math. I hate numbers. Freeways called the 101, the 65, the 805...these befuddle me and cause me to be late. Sunrise Hwy, on the other hand, brings a lovely image to mind and is easy to remember.

Here's some math I like.
The brilliance of More New Math. The little sky blue boxes provide, in very few words, a formula for life - a new way of looking at things.
Since naps are my favorite thing I thought this was a cheery way of looking at death (though not really accurate.)

Of course there is the hilarious web comic XKCD... (make sure to scroll over the comic for more funny). Topics range from insomnia to play pen balls.

Lastly, I remember singing and signing 2gether's pop hit to friends in 8th grade Algebra. Does
You + Me = Us (I Know my Calculus) bring back any memories for you?

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