Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ode to Twilight

To celebrate the blissful sparkly feeling we are all feeling in anticipation of Twilight's release on Saturday I wanted to share some Twilight love.

First of all, Stephenie Meyer has a playlist posted on her website for each of her books. It's not bad but I had a song to add.

We are Mice
by: Azure Ray. The lyrics! I swear it was made for Twilight! It gives me the shivers every time I hear it.

Also, enjoy the rough cut first 10 chapters (they are wonderful) of Midnight Sun which is Twilight from Edward's perspective (a bit repetitive if you aren't a serious fan).

And I just discovered some New Moon outtakes... for the crazy obsessed.

This Twilight fan video made with puppets is ridiculous but it's worth watching to see my favorite part when Edward "takes Bella to the woods to fall in love". Actually my favorite part is just that it says that. hehe. You don't need to watch it.


Aundrea said...

HI, Will there be a Twighlight viewing Saturday night at your parent's house? Hehe

RoseInBloom said...

ooh I somehow doubt that's the best way to get ready for special meeting. But I wish!