Friday, March 13, 2009


Glass fish tank? bowl? neither really. Hang it on the wall for living art. Beta fish don't seem to find small spaces though I'm always saddened to see them in the tiny bags they can't turn around in at pet stores. Whoops! This was supposed to be a happy post! I want one for my future kitchen...or bathroom. Finding artsy decor for the loo is tough since photos and paintings (maybe) can be damaged by all the shower steam. Fish wouldn't care since they are used to breathing through water.

These pencil 'staches remind me of all the notes we used to pass in grade school (okay okay and high school). How perfect would it have been to hold these casually up to your face, thoughtfully tapping your upper lip as your teacher lectured? I believe I am partial to mustaches ever since I learned about Mustaches for Kids and the whole community of people obsessed with 'staches and obsessed with famous people with 'staches. I trimmed my hair once and taped on a helter-skelter mustache. It tickled and made me sneeze. I think I would prefer a beard.

I'm pretty good at the fishy lips face too. Just ask Mark. The fourth one on the top reminds me of waking up in the morning.

This sign cracked me up. Check out the crazy duckling who is either taking a flying leap so he can piggyback mommy or is about to do a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. The other duckies are sedately following along and then watchout! little Ambrose left them in his dust!

I took this photo of what appeared to me to be a vicious vampire lemon scarfing down an innocent chile pepper mouse. Blood and hot sauce flowed.

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tmoli42 said...

That is why I'm not a vegetarian; vegetables are too violent!