Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blog Love and A party plan

The thing I love most about my blogging experience thus far (so different from my LiveJournal days back in nth (can't remember) grade which was a stilted and self-conscious account of the emotional turmoil caused by several boys who I must have always been worried would somehow find and read it.) is that this time I'm interacting with other bloggers or at least I am loving exploring their blogs. It really can't be considered interacting when I get no comments...*not so subtle hint. Mom, you can figure it out if you keep trying!

I feel like breaking into song! It's a whole world of bosom friends. I'm not the first nerdy person to discover the wonder of virtual friends but that doesn't make it any less special. I've noticed that while I do enjoy a few very popular blogs, the ones I adore are small and unknown. They are written by very special, kind and creative people who I feel close to through the things we similarly smile or laugh at. It makes me feel connected to the world at large and gives me a glow thinking of the wonderful people out there.

Anyways, my point is I found a new blogger whom I'm crushing on, Simply Freckles. She also has a sweet wedding blog, beautiful but not really my current interest. Though these dresses are incredible...Claire Pettibone is a genius. It's great though because it's full of artsy, bohemian ideas some of which would be great even out of wedding context...

For instance they would be perfect in the context of a fabulous party!

Setting: Summer evening, here...

Decorations: Strands of colorful paper circles, triangles, lanterns...

Invitations: An e-card with a request for a song or two to be included in the RSVP. (For a REAL mix cd to boogy to at the party!)

Party Favors: Tiny pots of herbs, succulents or tree seedlings. Maybe a table of paints, fabrics, buttons, beads and a glue gun for guests to glitz up their new plant?

By the way, this Craigslist posting highlights how I feel about my future wedding plans. I get the feeling that some people have thought, when I have mentioned these feelings, that I am the only person who is so cynical, critical and down-right mean spirited (I don't think I'm those things of course...just nontraditional!) to think these things. But I am happy to say I am not alone.

PS- I swear this isn't a rant or even a I told you so BUT I did grin when I found this article A Case for A Potluck Wedding.

I have let this idea go as everyone I know thinks it's the tackiest thing possible but I just love the idea of including guests and letting everyone contribute!

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