Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well I woke up very sore especially around my right knee. Stretching it out was painful in that delicious bruisey I'm alive kind of way. But there was no bruise and I haven't done anything active in the past few days. So I logically came to the conclusion that I am have some very exciting nightly adventures. I'm hoping that in my dream state I went somewhere shady and got into some kind of trouble that led to the sore knee.

This is a photo of my current emotion state. It's a pool that's above the entrance to a house. It's on the second floor and has a clear bottom so you can creep out the mailman or the Girl Scout foolish enough to come knocking. I feel very discombobulated and also hungry but that's not connected in any obvious way to the photo. The turned upside down feeling is connected to the photo. More confusion about life than usual. This business of figuring out what to do with it is tricky.Luckily, it's Administrative Assistant Appreciation Week or something so my boss sent a sweet little flower pot of lavender hydrangeas which are blooming at my desk and making it hard to care about future life goals and my rumbly tummy. I think they are my new favorite flower. They come in so many delightful shades of purple, pink, blue, green and white. Also, I am feeling quite spoiled since I have had fresh flowers on my desk almost everyday of the past two months. Though chocolates or shoes would certainly not be turned away, flowers do liven the stale office environment and cause me to feel loved and appreciated.

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