Friday, April 10, 2009


Hehe so does everybody love my new blog header!? I do. It's a feisty ferret! To celebrate I'm posting about great headboards. As you know I love beds and I also love easy access to stuff so I don't have to get out of bed. That's why my headboard (found on the side of the road and hauled away by my oh-so-tolerant boyfriend) has lots of space to put everything I need to exist in bed until I have to pee.

Here are some other good beds/headboards.This one is painted on...gotta love the thrifty diy project...

Swoon for the silky/sparkly pillow combination

Beach house in Rosarito. Siesta? or fiesta!?

I have to admit this one's got so much going on it might be hard to get some sleep, but I still dig it!

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Sam Lidman said...

awesome ferret, did you know that ferrets are actually related to dogs, not rodents.