Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seal Pups and Old Men

Everyone was such a big fan of my first "take a walk with me" post (not one comment.) that I decided to do another one featuring one of my favorite San Diego spots...La Jolla Children's Pool.

I didn't get any great shots of the baby seals but the light was beautiful and I got some cheesy beach pics to bring a tear to the eye of anyone still covered in snow (Sarah).

And that's Mandy in the photo.

The photo below should be on the cover of a Beach Boys album. A suave middle aged man pulled up in front of the office yesterday. He was riding in a souped up vintage convertible and listening to "Surfing Safari". It was so perfect. He had a whole lot of windblown salt and pepper hair.

This is my favorite photo. The stooped old man really walked like this. When we first spotted them, his pup was acting really strange. Trifle (adorable name!) was rubbing her bottom on the ground, pulling herself in circles. He explained that she didn't take her allergy medication and was itchy. It was the funniest thing but of course as soon as I tried to capture it she got distracted by our presence and wanted to be friendly.

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Rodriguez Family said...

I hope youre going to take me on a walk like the ones youve been taking! 6 more days!