Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Isle of Pajaros

Did you know New Zealand used to be an island of birds? No snakes, spiders or animals in fact. Just birds. You could explore the thick vegetation barefoot or even naked and you wouldn't have to worry about angering anyone you accidentally stepped on. Very Edonistic.

So then some people came and some king gifted the people some sweet little deer which quickly overrun the islands forcing them to import some natural predators which in turn got out of hand and somehow in the process New Zealand ended up with lots of wild critters and way too many possums (or opossums if you prefer).

People screw everything up.

I wonder how the island smelled at the time. It might have had a rich jungly scent or the vegetation may have been overpowered by all the bird poo.
Aren't possums scary? It looks like the ferret in my header. That's my favorite photo face too. Wide open mouth (in excitement?).


Mark said...

im glad you gave us an option...i definitely prefer opossum :)

Catherine said...

Wow! Quite a resemblance in expression (between the opossum and the girl...)--Mom