Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wee Folk

Etsy find:

I wish I could afford to buy tons of these Fairy Doors (or if my dreams ever come true I could make them in my wood working studio...) and place them on trees, buildings and nooks and crannies everywhere! It's the kind of thing that makes you stop. in the middle of your busy day and think about possibilities. You wonder and dream like a child for a moment and then have a laugh at yourself.

I would love to see a business man bend down to try and open the tiny door. I would make little mailboxes and signs to go beside the doors saying things like "Keebler Elve's Residence", "Wee people welcome" or "Entrance to Rivendell".


Jake and Nicole said...

How cutely imaginative...not sure if thats a word but it sounded good...I love reading your blog it makes me happy and it makes me feel close to you. I also love etsy, tons of cute stuff on that site.

Hope your well, whenever I talk to my dad he always mentions the yacht tour.

love ya

Panda said...

Those are pretty cool. lol it takes a certain kind of mind to think, "Hey, why don't I sell fairy doors online?" :)
You know what that reminds me of? [dorkiness ahead]...When I was little(okay, YOUNGER), I would make tiny houses in random places. Like if I visited a relative and they had a cool garden, or something. I wouldn't use any tools or glue and such, just whatever happened to be nearby. Hey, I grew up on fantasy novels-the idea of inserting what looks like a fairy dwelling into a random spot is fun, especially if you picture someone else finding it later. It's sort of a private thing though. It feels 'wrong' if someone watches. I got caught when I did it at school once; some girl saw me and asked what I was doing. How do you explain that? lol. It's not like we were in kindergarten either; I was old enough to 'know better'. [I think you know why I put know better in quotes. ;)]
I believe I was annoyed rather than embarrassed, haha.