Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just like to say you heard it hear first!

Right? Anybody already know about this? Don't tell me. It'll break my heart. Except I do want to hear if anyone has actually tried it! It's called geocaching. I like it because I love treasure hunts (Thanks mom!).

Basically, it's a combination of using GPS and the internet to play a world-wide game of treasure hunt with total strangers. Using coordinates found on the website and a GPS anyone can find hidden caches which can include small gifts, tokens or something to sign or do. If there are items in the cache you have to leave something if you take something. If you have to get to the cache in front of people (or muggles as they call them - how sweet is that!?!) you have be discrete so they won't go after the loot as well.

Sometimes the cache is hard to get to and sometimes there are clues you have to decode using a decoder. There are also trackable items like Geocoins and Travelbugs...which I don't know anything about except the website makes them seem special as well.

It's all so super spy...sluethy...and it sounds really intriguing. :) I would paint wee pictures to leave in a cache or random bits and bobs lying around the house. Anything you find after a long adventure would be treasure just for the story!

The whole thing seems like a stunt sponsered by the makers of GPS devices although the creators are a group called Groundspeak. Here's more on how it works on How Stuff Works: Geocaching.
This reminds me how excited I was by couchsurfing when I first heard about it. Also Random Acts of Kindness or Improv Everywhere. It's how citified people connect.

So let me know if you want to go on a treasure hunt with me!
----------------------> X marks the spot! (that would have cooler if I could make squiggly lines.)

I just found some video clips you can check out if this topic interests you. Here's the trailer for a new movie that involves geocaching. Here's what I expect it would really be like. hehe...I love nerds. I really do.


Mark said...

that sounds really cool! Urban treasure hunts. I wonder how many people actually do it. Or if its more like something people say sounds cool, but never get around to actually doing it. I'd do it with you. :)

Susie Q said...

do you reckon they have this in Australia? That's such a cool idea! Someone would surely nick all the stuff though? Europe sounds amazing! I'll start saving...what's the plans? I thought you and Sam were meant to go come January?

Sam Lidman said...

I've started geocaching with my dad a couple years ago. I was SOOOO excited while hiking in NZ I saw someone wondering off the trail with a GPS in hand. I went back later but couldn't find the cache.

Jonathan said...

You know the cool thing about Geo caching is that it is not just cities, it is world wide. And out in the desert where i lived all of the caches overlooked something cool ex. hieroglyphics, a hidden pool, a gorgeous view. Yeah I love Geo caching