Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oil and Water

via ffffound

I have experimenting with oil painting. Literal oil painting. As in I recently tried using our house Canola variety. I don't think that's how people made these. Unfortunately, quick Google searches only yield the usual oil painting techniques. Does anyone know what to use to produce results similar to these images?

My two favorite pollution-related images are: the sublime sunsets smog creates and the liquid rainbows of oil spills on a wet street.

Unrelatedly, there are lots of free business card websites, but I'm interested in finding one that will give me a lot of design freedom. Recommendations? (See how I'm making it more difficult for you know-it-alls not to comment? Asking for advice is my latest tactic.)

Aren't these sweet cards?

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Susie Q said...

well i always comment so i hope that I'm not categorised as the 'know it all' :o) I can remember something from my childhood about paintings similar with linseed oil and food colouring which you float on water and dip the paper in.