Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Calendar

My grandma's funeral was this past weekend so I've been doing some remembering. She was a well-traveled woman who loved to give gifts. Every Christmas my cousins and I got many little trinkets from all over the world. A few memorable items included a carved owl, a koala fanny pack (fake), and many ethnic dolls.

To get us into the Christmas spirit grandma used to send us each an advent calendar to help us count down the days until we came to visit. I think this worked far better than she knew. To this day I get very excited about small pieces of chocolate and Jeanelle started pulled out the "winter" decorations last night so the house was decked and caked with ornamentation before December had even officially arrived. She has several huge tubs full of sparkly gold candles stuck on faux pine wreaths with beaded icicle wreaths inside the pine wreaths and red velvet ribbons wrapped around the whole shebang. She then sprayed everything with silver glitter, fake snow and mistletoe scent. I had not been aware mistletoe had a particular scent but it turns out it smells like Christmas. The whole place looks, smells and sounds (the Christmas records are playing 24/7 now) like a department store at the holidays - not a pleasant experience. Even so, I'm feeling jolly.

Since I discovered geocaching (after everyone else as it turns out) I've been thinking about little things. I thought about what tiny treasures I would put into my cache when I make one. Then, when we split up grandma's stuff I got a lot of little bits and bobs: brooches, tiny picture frames, costume jewelry, coin purses etc. Everything is just so wee and wonderful! Anyways, the combined experiences led me to this which is positively brilliant.

Blogger Sweet Paul says this about his creation,
"I made this advent calendar for Country Living.
Its made of matchboxes and some scraps of paper.
Just hot glue the tops of empty boxes to one another so you get rows.
The bottom should be 9 and decrease by two until you have a single box.
Cut wrapping paper to cover each row, secure with hot glue.
Then hot glue the rows in a tree shape as shown.
I used small stamps to stamp the numbers on each box.
On top you can hot glue a star or a cut out like I did on this one.
Fill the boxes with candy and trinkets and you are ready to go."

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