Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy socks!

I'm a boot girl so naturally I'm also a sock girl. Tights are cool too. Back to socks. I like the idea of wearing outrageous socks with a demure outfit - and no one knows since they are discretely hidden beneath my boots. Or, since I rarely wear demure outfits, I like the idea of wearing wonderfully clashy socks with whatever ridiculous ensemble I'm sporting that day.

I feel like buying Happy Socks for everyone I know. I realize I am being manipulated by the hopeful name, but so what?! Good marketing should be rewarded. Also, good socks are awesome! :)

Judging from this photo, I'm not sure they work on guys...


Smoxie said...

i love this.

especially the "back to socks" part.

I've been looking for some happy-looking socks. for boys too, though. Hm.

Susie Q said...

fantastic, I totally agree about wearing something so totally outrageous that no one can see.