Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Go your own way"

The photos on Handmade Romance's blog are killing me! Her Europe pictures are making me so excited for summer to hurry up so I can see these places in person. Check them out here. Scroll down as they are intermingled with posts about less fascinating subjects.
Here are a couple from Barcelona, Cologne and Brugges.

I think these places deserve dramatic, beautiful dresses so these are the ones I've picked to wear when I visit these locations. Any recommendations for fitting these into a small suitcase or large backpack?

So, I'm looking into summer festivals and events all over Europe. I've heard Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling is a memorable experience; I love that it's "illegal and bones get broken." Glastonbury looks like an awesome music festival - something like Woodstock. Unfortunately, it's already sold out. The Love Parade in Berlin looks like fun; it's the "world's largest dance party." Unfortunately, the website is in German. Hmm. As I continue to explore it appears that multiple festivals are proclaimed as the "largest dance festival." The Edinburgh Fringe Festival looks promising as does La Tomatina, Spain's "giant tomato fight"!

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Julia said...

sweet! I was just telling mom about your europe plans this summer. The fringe festival was a pretty big deal when I was in edinburgh, but not sure if it's just so for the people there...quite a few backpackers from all over, though!

Hope to see you soon,