Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Norcal weekend

Before I get to the recap of weekend events I would like to complain about a conversation I had over 2 am cereal with my aunt. Late night Honey Bunches of Oats is our thing and it's normally just delightful. Well, my aunt is currently on a mission to make sure no couches are surfed by me. She let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I look naive and innocent and blond (I AM NOT BLOND) which are qualities that European rapists are besides themselves over. I heard multiple rape stories and several traumatic experiences of people she heard about with the clear implication that someone as wide-eyed and blond as me would certainly encounter the same if I were to journey on my lonesome. I'm looking for advice on how to dramatically alter my image. I'm now going for hard-core, sinister (don't mess with me Italian dreamboats!), and intimidating. Suggestions? Anyone want to trade a leather jacket for a ruffly, floral-print cutesy dress? (I guess I won't be taking THAT to Europe...)

This weekend my family road tripped it up to Boulder Creek to spread my grandparents' ashes around their summer cabin. It wasn't as depressing as it sounds. We also visited the family crypt. That's right. I said crypt.

I lay in the meadow of spring flowers (aka: the graveyard) with my legs twisted so they look broken and waited impatiently for Edward to show up. He didn't.
On Sunday, I took the BART to SF and met some wickedly cool strangers. Helen Yamamoto is a student of astrophysics at Cal who knows about everything. She's got a sweet summer internship at the Smithsonian and taught me all about pigeon trapping.

On my way back, I met a musician who used to live in the woods...not sure what that means...according to Kat's Myspace music profile, he plays Transdimensional Balkan Hillbilly Jive though he also plays Korean, Turkish, and Persian music. I could have talked to him all night. He has re-inspired my desire to attend a bluegrass festival this year.

Thanks to Jeff and Caitlin for showing me around in the pouring rain!


ayr said...

Dude, sounds like your weekend was AWESOME> Your family has their own crypt?! Im amazed, and a bit jealous. Also, when I saw that "graveyard" pic I thought "ohh teh Meadow!!!!1" great minds...
As for drastically altering your appearance... I don't want you to. Just hire a tough looking Italian guy to roam around with you all day.

ChristineMarie said...

Hahahaha I TOTALLY understand your whole situation with your aunt. I'm going to Europe in the summer and I haven't told my parents that I'll be couch surfing but my friends know and some of them have given me that exact same talk. I'm pretty sure couch surfing is pretty safe, though.