Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today was my first day of my new job! ...wait for it... And also my last day. Maybe. Out of the 400ish (I have no idea honestly) program leaders who were present at our last day of training, only about 10 were not placed at a school. Naturally, I was one of them. I just realized this is a similar situation to my student externship in which I was not placed for the first half of the semester. The difference here is that I would be getting paid for being present at this job and now I won't. (My reaction: went shopping and bought an Anthropologie dress! eep!)

It isn't personal; it has to do with the number of students enrolled or so they say. I'm suspicious. I was one of maybe 10ish white people...racial profiling? I think it's possible. They wouldn't even have needed to see me! I mean, Allyson Simonton. Really? I am so white. Speaking of whiteness, a group of my white friends (and Ali Goonie) went to a Zumba dance class tonight. It was ridonkulously fun, but Danika pointed out that all the white people looked a bit stupid. The instructor kept encouraging us to shake our rumps and swing our hips but we ALREADY WERE.

There was a little old lady in the class who sadly couldn't participate in all the moves (such as the one below.) She was adorable and white of course.

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