Monday, July 26, 2010

Eye Candy

I went to this recently. It doesn't get better than little legs flying in all different directions.

I'm more of a "let nature decide where it grows and enjoys the unsymmetrical perfection that results" kind of girl, but this is pretty sweet landscaping. (Do I use sweet too much for my age and lack of surfing experience? I used it in the classroom today and I heard a few giggles.)

I'm going to buy baby rainboots for Kanina.

We studied MC Escher - a favorite artist of mine - and I found this Lego version someone created. Trippy.

I like colorful rugs outside. Wouldn't it get filthy immediately?

Despite summer being my favorite season, I'm looking forward to fall. I look forward to adding to my collection of sweaters that appear to be made when a knitting machine exploded.

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