Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sh*t my uncle says

You know that hilarious Tweeter (Twitterer?)- "Stuff" my dad says? Well, I have to share a few tidbits from my breakfast conversation with my uncle.

Platypuses - With a bill like a duck, a tail like a beaver, webbed feet, the ability to lay eggs but also give milk to their young, they are proof that evolutionary theories are nonsense. (I didn't follow this argument at all)

Coral reefs - All the crazy shapes and colors of coral and all the varieties of fish in them are under the same forces. Scientists claim the forces cause evolutionary change but the coral and fish are so different yet they live in the same environment. You don't need to be a scientist; just use your common sense. It isn't logical.

And my personal favorite...

Global warming - We can't control nature. When they talk about the oceans rising due to global warming I say there's nothing we can do but keep a boat in the garage.

By the way, if you live in the LA/OC area my favorite musical of all time, Rent, is being performed at the fabulous outdoor theater, the Hollywood Bowl, on August 7th. In the back of my bible is a bucket list I made years ago. See RENT is one of the few goals on the list. Neil Patrick Harris is the director. I will be in Ecuador. I want to cry.

In other news, 4 days till my South American adventure begins!!!

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