Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How I Met Your Mother Parody

By: One of my clever students

It's not perfect (I hate when people try to rhyme a word with the same word) but it rocks my socks regardless. If you don't watch the show this won't make sense, but if you do you will realize the awesomeness that is this poem.

A parody of Poe's "The Raven"

Once upon a cold September, the exact day I can't remember,
Over in a small bar called McClaren's,
When Barney sat and drank some booze, he heard the tapping of a woman's shoes,
When he looked up he saw a woman, a woman in a sundress
Excitedly he jumped up to hit on the lady in the sundress,
and hopefully -ahem- relieve some stress.

Ah Ted Mosby did remember that day in September,
For Barney had earlier complained that there were no more scantily clad women outside,
Eagerly he wished to have someone to tease,
a woman whom he could call his one night squeeze,
From every slow drink - he slowly became unable to think,
The season was so cold that he could not think,
to a random woman he could not even wink!

Ted Mosby hit on Robin after a day, because she was Canadian eh?
They both thought that woman Barney could not get,
so their challenge he did accept.
He went up to her and smoothly said that he wanted to get her into bed.
His face she did slap with a huge "Whap!"
Slowly he walked away, but as his friends laughed he said, "Hey!"

See the sundress lady was Lily's friend,
Lily wanted Barney's hitting-on-girls days to end,
But Barney caught on fast, and made sure the plan would not last,
With his magic he was able to take that girl home
and be with her till the morning light shone.

He laughed as he told his friends about his day,
and all the things Lily's friend had to say,
Because Barney knew if he just gave a girl a little sherry,
then he could tell his friends a story that was legend...

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