Sunday, November 28, 2010


Not to beat a dead horse but it is still blowing my mind just how how grown-up life has become. Jeanelle and David got engaged a couple days ago. So did Nate and Katherine. So did Heidi and Luke. Kaylani is engaged to be married possibly in a week and a half. Jeff and Caitlin are engaged. This year my best friends Cara and Sam got married. So did my cousin Alison. So did Shanthi and Prithi, Bettina, and lots of other friends I've grown up with. Sam is about to have a baby. Mark is doing other big things.

It's just weird how much has changed in a year. Naturally, I have mixed feelings. As KK said so dramatically the morning of the day of the proposal, "Goodbye JJ." By this time next year I could be living in a different country. I certainly won't be living here. Jeanelle could be living in Oregon and Don will be in Berkley. This year has been rocky to say the least but Jeanelle has helped me get through so much; it's hard to imagine her being gone.

I've lost a few friends this year. They haven't disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle but for various reasons we aren't close like we used to be. I'm loyal like a parasite so it's hasn't been an easy adjustment but I'm attempting to embrace change.

On the positive side of things, I love weddings! AND I GET TO WEAR A SARI!! I'm sure you can imagine how awesome I'm going to look. Also, all the married and engaged people are know are glowing with happiness (or pregnancy) so it's hard not to be happy for them. And the family we are marrying into is totally nuts in the best possible way.

The Princess Bride needs no explanation. It is perfect.


Smoxie said...

Oh my word I love this! It's such a simple, perfect little snapshot of an unsettling stage of life. Unsettling for everyone our age except the 40+ people you mentioned in this post...

Catherine said...

"...the family 'WE' are marrying into"?!! BTW, who's the Katherine Nate's engaged to? (assuming it's the Nate I know)? I'm sure you'll be elegant in a sari, but don't let it go to your head!