Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sigh...with pleasure...

*Keeping that nosicle moist
I am so frothy with joy that I've been sitting here, breathing hard, with a ridiculous grin on my face trying to keep the smile out of my voice when I answer the phone ("Good afternoon. Northrop and Johnson. This is Allyson.") while I come up with a way to express the total and complete bliss of my new favoritest website: Cuteness Overload.

Exploring this website is like bathing in melted chocolate. In a solid gold tub. In a tree house at the top of a redwood tree. In Forks. Sparkly vampires vying for your attention as they leap playfully in the treetops surrounding yours.

If that doesn't get you to look, I'm giving up with linking anything.

I know I'm a sucker but baby skunks, otters, kittehs and much much more. Cuteness abounds! And it will delight and melt even the crustiest of hearts. So much Floof! (those bunbuns are floofy in the best way)

And for those who don't understand the obsession with floofy animals, please watch this.

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